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What you get for just $7.70USD...

Techniques that target cellulite and help tone & shape long, lean legs and thighs.

A detailed 28 day exercise plan, with options for Gym and Home

Full Workout Plan

Tailored Nutrition Plan

Learn your body type and follow

an exact nutrition plan for your goals

Video Library

Total Support

It's like having Ashy right in your lounge room! Watch and Listen as she explains every movement

Targeted Results

Loads of Variety

Specific categories of workouts that work your legs and butt in a variety of ways for accelerated results

Join the Online Booty Forum to chat with hundreds of other women completing the challenge

Following the Ashy Bines 28 Day Booty Challenge has never been easier. Everything you need right on your mobile device (Available on Apple & Android)

Now with an App!

This is for you if you want to discover ...

  • Exactly which exercises tone the top middle part of your thighs
  • How to tone the inside of your thighs and get rid of cellulite
  • How to make your thighs look toned without bulking them up with muscle
  • How to work on the very upper inner thigh that touches when you walk
  • What to change in your daily routine to specifically tone your thighs
  • The all time best exercises to help lift your booty
  • How to lift your buttocks and decrease the size (width) of large thighs
  • How to tone your booty without creating too much muscle in your legs or big thighs
  • How to target cellulite and help tone and shape long, lean legs and thighs

Money Back Guarantee! No Questions Asked

Lift & Tone that Booty!

Find Your Motivation

Find pictures of Women with similar body shapes to you.

This will help you to start visualising the booty and legs you want to achieve. Each of us have some

amazing and different genetics! The goal of the Booty Challenge is to maximise your genetic potential! A fun way to do this

is find out which body type you are. Read the descriptions below and choose the body type that describes you best.

How the Challenge Works

Learn bikini model secrets to a toned and lifted booty

Gym and Home exercise plan that's easy to follow

Get the exact plan that Ashy uses to get photoshoot ready

Target hips, thighs and booty all at the same time

Places are limited, we only want participants who are DEDICATED, READY TO MAKE A CHANGE & ARE EXCITED TO CREATE THEIR BEST BOOTY YET! Once joining, you will instantly receive your 28 Day Workout Plan,

Customised Nutrition Plan,  access to your Instructional Workout Videos and access to the 28 Day Booty App!

You don't need a thing, however to get amazing results following the program at home we

recommend a 5kg Kettlebell or Dumbbell.

Start the challenge straight away! You will receive access to our Exclusive Online Support Forum. PLUS you can now download the Ashy Bines 28 Day Booty APP, exclusive for Booty Challenge Members, making it easier than EVER before to shape the Booty and Legs of your dreams. You've got this!

Money Back Guarantee! No Questions Asked

The Ashy Bines Unconditional
100% Money-Back Guarantee

If the world were a fair place, weight loss and fitness programs would only make money when you lose weight. So Im putting my money where my mouth is.

The Ashy Bines Booty Transformation Program is guaranteed to lift your booty, banish cellulite and tone and shape long, lean legs and thighs in just 28 days.

If not, just send an email to , keep everything youve received. Ill personally rush you a full refund. Simply click the button below to jump on board now and I’ll rush you my detailed 28 day exercise plan that can be tailored specifically to your body type. Plus a full video exercise library containing over 40 unique exercises. Plus your customised nutrition plan, access to my online forum, the 28 Day Booty App, plus much much more!

Take as long as you like, up to 12 months, to put my booty program to the test.

Then you decide: You must be completely convinced my booty and thighs program has helped you get results fast, or Ill rush you a full refund.

Whats more, youll get to keep everything youve received from me without cost or further obligation. All the risk is on my shoulders.


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Money Back Guarantee! No Questions Asked ** GST Included


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